Friday, July 17, 2009

UPDATED: The Boys Are Back In Town! Home Stand Weather Conditions - Rain Is In The Forecast

UPDATE (5:00 PM) - Another update from Steve
The strong thunderstorms that formed over the southern Mid Atlantic and over eastern Pennsylvania is producing an area of dry conditions over central New Jersey. While rain is expected, the brunt of the heavy rain over eastern Pennsylvania is moving north-northeast, which is parallel to the Bronx. While I do expect rain to be an issue for tonight, there is a slight chance this game may be started under dry conditions or at least with light showers. However, eventually the rain is going to win out for this evening. Bring an umbrella and a pocket full of cash because the food there isn’t cheap while you are waiting for the game to restart.
UPDATE (3:45 PM) - Bad news for the game tonight, according to Steve:
An area of heavy rain and embedded thunderstorms has developed over southern New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania this afternoon and is rapidly moving towards New York City and the Bronx. Rain can be expected this evening, heavy at times, along with embedded strong to severe thunderstorms. A lengthy delay or postponement is likely.
The Yankees return to the Bronx for an extended home stand, and Steve from is here with a weather updates!

Game Today: Start time 7:05 vs Detroit

This evening, showers and thunderstorms will produce a threat for a delay or postponement of the game. The thunderstorms will

Wind Direction Today

Wind Direction Today

generally be concentrated to the west of the Bronx this evening, however a few strong thunderstorms will threaten to enter from the west and southwest. Otherwise, partly cloudy skies are expected. Winds will be from the south around 5 to 15 mph, veering to the southeast by the end of the game. This wind blows across the stadium from right field to left field. Other than the thunderstorms, I do not expect winds to be a significant impact to playing conditions. Widespread showers will approach the Bronx from the southwest towards the end of the game as a low pressure system approaches. Temperatures at the start of the game will range from the upper 70’s to lower 80’s and fall into the mid 70’s with humid conditions.

Rest of the Detroit Series:

High pressure will provide dry conditions and clear to partly cloudy skies for both the Saturday and Sunday games. Winds will be generally light from the west around 5 to 10 mph. Temperatures for both games will range from the upper 70’s to lower 80’s.

Rest of the Home Stand:

Through next week, the threat of showers and thunderstorms will likely complicate playing conditions as showers and thunderstorms will develop each afternoon. On the bright side, warm and humid conditions will prevail with temperatures a more summer-like range of the mid to upper 80’s for afternoon highs and temperatures falling into the 70’s in the evening. Winds through the period will generally come from the southwest ranging from 5 to 15 mph in general. This wind blows out towards center field, which should make some games rather interesting. So aside from the threat of showers and thunderstorms, which will be scattered, the conditions through the home stand will rather pleasant.

As always, we'd like to thank Steve for helping us stay dry during this rainy summer!
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