Monday, July 27, 2009

Wet Yankees Fans Will No Longer Receive Reimbursement For Their Patience

So far in 2009, 3 games at the new Yankee Stadium have already been postponed, and a whopping 8 games have been delayed (information courtesy of our handy Yankee Stadium attendance tracker, as well as Typically, if a game is delayed more than 2 hours, the Yankees will offer some kind of reimbursement to the inconvenienced fans who show their undying devotion. At the very least, they usually allow fans to upgrade their seat location during the rainy game, and sometimes offer an equal number of tickets to another game during the current or following season.

On Thursday night, the Yankees were playing a makeup game for a postponed game in April, and par for the course, rain was in the forecast. So much rain, in fact, that the game was delayed for a whopping 2:43, starting at 9:48 PM on a work-night. The newly minted "Yankees Weather" Twitter account was useless (you're better off checking our twitter account for reliable updates) and the fans in attendance were victims of an unfortunate season of weather - receiving nothing for their troubles. Security was checking for ticket stubs (even in the sparsely populated bleachers), and an announcement regarding complementary tickets to another game never came.

We were able to reach a reliable source in the Yankees ticket office, and this is what they had to say about reimbursement for future games affected by rain:
I doubt they'll do anything... I think honestly, they are going to try and play every game even if they have to wait 3 hours to get it in, as they don't have a lot of open dates left on the calendar (since they've already got two games rescheduled in Sept). I think I got home around 2am. Not much fun for anyone involved. Ticket availability is just so limited that we can't really invite people back for another game (as we did for the 6/18 game) as we are sold out of the terrace, bleachers and grandstand for the rest of the season.
If rain is in the forecast for a game you are set to attend, your best bet is to wait out the weather until an announcement is made regarding the game. Otherwise, you may leave early like many did on Thursday night and not have the opportunity to return for another game.
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