Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where Have You Gone, Stadium Insider?

I typically don't break the "Stadium Insider" character, but I just thought I would pop in and let everyone know about the recent blog hiatus. In the past month or so, I have gotten engaged as well as taking a vacation. Further, work has been rather hectic (you know - the real job that pays my bills and allows me the luxury of going to Yankee Stadium and spending my money on bad food).

I may have created lofty expectations in the offseason and in April/May when I was scheduling posts so that there were multiple posts spread throughout the day. Our traffic numbers from those months indicated that the readers were embracing the posts - in April we had nearly 100,000 page views! Unfortunately, working 9 AM until at least 6 PM takes a lot out of you, the ideas haven't been flowing off of the fingertips as freely, and I haven't been seeking out stories. If anyone can tell me how to add a few hours to my day, please contact me immediately.

For anyone who already doesn't follow me on Twitter, you can do so at Posting updates there is pretty easy since they are only 140 characters - you'll notice that I check in a lot. I can also be reached via the contact link at the top of the page if you have any story ideas - I'll welcome the opportunity to be lazy and have a story dropped into my lap every once in a while!

I have some stories planned for the second half - best standing room only spots in the stadium, NYY Steak review, etc. As always, when bad weather inevitably hits the area and affects your trip to Yankee Stadium, I'll be here with updates from Steve DiMartino of I can't promise many posts, but I can promise that this blog won't just fade away into an obscure corner of the interwebs. Meanwhile, if you long for the type of material that we were putting out day after day in April and May, I would recommend checking out The Mets Police. They are officially a Mets Blog, but they have a season ticket plan at Yankee Stadium and are pretty much the Citi Field Stadium Insider. Highly recommended reading.

To anyone who still checks back here daily, I truly appreciate the patience and loyalty. To anyone who has ripped me in the comments section for not posting regularly, I am flattered by your readership. Hopefully this case of writer's block/blogging apathy will subside soon and I'll be back filling all of your quotas. In the meantime, please enjoy Yanks27's NSI Minor League Report, Bobby's Yankees book reviews and Nick's occasional stadium insider ramblings (his writing style resembles mine, so be sure to check the tagline at the bottom of the post to check on the author).

For the record, here are my second half Yankees predictions - Joba is going to turn around his season, Phil Hughes will enter the rotation in dominant fashion, A-Rod will make a run at the MVP award, and the Yankees will edge the Red Sox for first place. If A.J Burnett can have a month of dominance in October like his month of dominance in June, the Yankees will be playing in the Fall Classic. I have a feeling in my bones, people. Republicans are out of office, Moose is no longer doing an admirable job as one of the more underrated Yankees hurlers of all time (curse of the Moose), and the Yankees finally have a viable pitching staff. Our 8 year drought will be over in three and a half months and we'll be planning a tickertape parade down the canyon of heroes. You heard it here first.
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