Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yankees give away promo keychain to those who leave EARLY - Who makes these decisions?

I've always understood the logic behind the first 18,000 fans, or 25,000 fans receiving promotional giveaways at an arena or stadium. They have a limited supply of the giveaway, and want to reward those who show up earliest. It's the logical way to reward those fans who are most "loyal".

When I showed up early at Yankee Stadium yesterday, I assumed that I would have a chance to get the Inaugural Season Commemorative Ticket Keychain that the Yankees website indicated the "1st 18,000 fans 21 and older" would receive. When I entered the stadium, I recieved "G-Force The Video Game" promotional cards. Confused, I asked the security guard about the keychain, and was told they would be distributed on the way out of the stadium. Although something felt amiss, I disregarded it.

It wasn't until I was on my way out of the stadium, following the Yankees failed comeback attempt, that I even thought about the keychain again. As I reached the gate, I asked a security guard about the keychain, and was told, they were "already all gone", and they were given to the "first 18,000 fans to LEAVE the stadium". Needless to say, I was stunned. Fans were REWARDED for LEAVING THE GAME.

Am I missing something? Fans being rewarded for disloyalty, being rewarded for exiting the stadium early. As a ridiculously loyal fan who seldom leaves early, I had no chance at this giveaway, which actually looks like an awesome keepsake for any Yankee fan. It's disappointing, and disconcerting that with the Yankees, their most loyal fans continue to lose.

Is there a reason this was handled in this manner? Who made this decision? And more than anything else, why are the loyal fans, who stayed until the end despite a late 6-run Yankees deficit, being punished? I am truly disappointed to have missed out on such a unique giveaway.
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