Thursday, March 6, 2008 showing their Red Sox bias ONCE AGAIN

Shocking, I know - but once again showed off their Red Sox bias yesterday. Hey rotoworld - you guys are a great aggregate of fantasy sports NEWS... Nobody (except maybe the ignorant portion of the Red Sox fan base) wants to hear your opinion on what you think players may think about other players.

Here is the quote in question:

Joba Chamberlain pitched two innings out of the pen and allowed two runs against the Twins on Wednesday.

It was the first official outing for Joba, who was perfect for two innings in a college game last week. He gave up a two-run homer to Garrett Jones today and then drilled Matt Tolbert on the ankle with his very next pitch, earning himself some nasty looks from the Twins dugout. Chamberlain seems like an awfully nice guy off the field, but after what happened with Kevin Youkilis last year, he may be on his way to earning himself a reputation on the field.
Yea, OK guys. Joba Chamberlain was throwing at someone named Matt Tolbert after giving up a HR to a some dude named Garrett Jones. Lets break it down like this:

- Matt Tolbert is a NON-roster invitee to Spring Training.
- Joba only threw 20 out of 36 pitches for strikes in his outing - he was wild and out of sync all day.

So fantasy players of the world, I have some quality information to provide, directly from don't bother drafting any Yankees for your fantasy baseball teams this year. They are awful people with bad intentions in life and are all going to hell (we all know that is what matters most in fantasy baseball... er... wait a second).

Yankee pitchers will do mean things like throw balls at non-roster invitees to Spring Training and even worse at Kevin Youkilis during the regular season. Don't even get me started on the Yankee batters. They try to kill birds during batting practice. The squirrel on the foul pole in right field? I'll say only this - you think it is a coincidence that he is only up there when lefties are coming up to bat? Evil Empire.

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