Sunday, March 9, 2008

Deadly Accurate NYYSIOTA Statistical Projections

Since we have a large enough sample size in Spring Training games and Spring Training games are always an EXACT indicator of regular season play we can make the following projections of the presumed starting lineup:

Johnny Damon: .333/.333/.556 with 0 HRs.
A disappointing OBP for a leadoff hitter, Damon will draw exactly zero walks this year. He will hit for power yet it will be all off doubles as he will hit zero HRs.

Derek Jeter: .214/.313/.286 with 0 HRs
We can expect a horrible year for Jeter, below replacement level. Indeed, he will hug the Mendoza line and hit for no power whatsoever.

Bobby Abreu: .533/.563/.733 with 40 HRs
Wow, would you look at that, a monster of a slugging year for Abreu. He will also destroy the single season batting average record by hitting .533. Yet, his trademark patience will be gone only drawing a handful of walks all year

Alex Rodriguez: .444/.615/.889 with 65 HRs
A-Rod will have a record breaking year. He will break the record for single season slugging percentage. He will also pass Roger Maris' mark of 61 HRs making him the single season non-steroid HR record holder. Amazing!

Hideki Matsui:
He will spend the whole year on the DL. A tough break for the former Iron Man.

Jorge Posada: .000/.000/.000 with 0 HRs
Jorge will play as bad as you can get statistically for the whole year. In all his at-bats he will never get a single hit, walk, or HR. A 7 year old would have a better year at the plate than Posada will have in 2008. His new contract will go down as the worst contract in history.

Jason Giambi: .333/.333/.667 with 45 HRs
Giambi will actually manage to stay healthy all year, a first for him since 2003. He will put up a great number of HRs but his eye will deteriorate drawing zero walks the entire year.

Robinson Cano: .500/.500/.563 with 0 HR
Cano will actually hit exactly .500 for the season! Incredible! He characteristically will be too anxious at the plate drawing zero walks, but who cares when you're batting .500!

Melky Cabrera: .417/.500/.583 with 0 HR
Melky will be the fourth Yankee starter to hit over the .400 mark. It's a good thing we didn't give him away in a trade for Johan Santana!

Also, notably Shelley Duncan and Wilson Betemit will both hit around 53 HRs this year in limited plate appearances. Unfortunately, based on our Spring Training record so far we will go a miserable 70-92 this season and miss the playoffs by quite a margin. Joe Girardi will be fired after only one season and Brian Cashman's contract will not be renewed.
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