Monday, March 17, 2008

History in the NEW Yankees Stadium... Predictions pt 1.

In just over a year, our heroes that don the pinstripes will move across the street to their new stadium. The dimensions of the stadium will remain the same, as will the uniforms, the hats, the logos, and almost everything else “Yankees”. The fans will love the new, spacious, accommodating stadium. But what about the memories? Ya know… the “mystique” of Yankees Stadium, the “ghosts”. In other words… The history.
Well I’m here to tell you… within the next 10 years, you will see history. There are gonna be milestones, championships, and many other memorable moments. Here are my predictions for great moments at the new stadium:

Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit
Coming soon to a stadium near you. This gets a bit interesting, and I’ll tell you why. Jeter is 644 hits away from 3,000. His career average of hits per season is 208, which means if he follows that same trend, he’ll fall 20 hits short of 3,000 in the 2010 season. Now I know your saying, dude… Why is that interesting at all? Well, I’ll tell you why. Derek Jeter is a free agent following the 2010 season. Now I know, I know, the Yankees won’t let him finish his career elsewhere… But just some food for thought: Jeter could get his 3,000th hit and finish his career in another uniform. It won’t happen… This is when it will

PREDICTION: Since it would take Jeter averaging some of the best seasons of his career over the next three from a hits standpoint, there is no way he does it before 2010 is finished. But get your tickets ready for May 14, 2011 when Jeter grabs his 3000th his. Everyone celebrates!

Alex Rodriguez’s 3000th hit
This one isn’t gonna come as soon as Jeter’s, but it’s on its way. Look, A-Rod is not gonna average a ton of hits per season. At some point during this contract, his hitting for average will decrease. Probably not before he snags his 3,000th hit, though. Over his 4 years with the Yankees he’s averaged a bit over 178 hits per season. He currently lies just 750 hits from 3,000. I believe he’ll keep the same or a similar pace as he has until at least the point that he nears 3,000. Let’s look into the magic 8 ball.

PREDICTION: June 11, 2012. No further comments necessary. Again, print your tickets. It’s happening.

Chien-Ming Wang’s 100th Win
I can’t say for sure whether or not Wang will be a Yankee a few years down the road. He has 46 wins currently and needs 54 wins to reach 100. He’ll get there, barring injury. But in order to get there during the 2010 campaign, he’ll need to average over 18 wins a season. I know he’s posted 19 in the past 2 seasons, but he isn’t a dominating pitcher, and will have a rough time repeating those numbers.

PREDICTION: He’ll be sitting at 99 when the season closes in 2010. So he’ll grab 100 in his first start of 2011… That’s April for those not paying close attention.

Alex Rodriguez becomes the all-time home run king?
Oh this is what you’ve all been waiting for. You wanna know when, so you can prepare to sit your nerdy ass in left field praying that A Rod hits that damn ball right into your hands so you can meet him, and give him a hug, and give him the baseball. Maybe join him and the stripper? Dammit. That’s what I wanna do. Pretend I never said that.

PREDICTION: Alright. He’s about 240 homers short of the record…. He’s averaged 44 HR per season to this point. Over the last 7 years he’s averaged around 47 homers a year. Way I see it… at worst, over the next 5 seasons he averages over 40 HR’s a season… Which will have him hitting his record breaking HR on July 27, 2013. Happy birthday Alex. He’ll be turning 38 that day. Wanna hear something crazy? That’ll be his tenth season with the Yankees.

See plenty of history! Those 4 milestones will all occur within the first 5 seasons at the new stadium! Histttttory!

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Ross said...

It will be a real bummer if the Yankees are on the road when any of these milestones occur!!!

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