Sunday, March 16, 2008

Yankee Season Ticket Holders - Check your ticket arrival dates here!

As has becoming a yearly tradition, Yankee season ticket holders are ANXIOUSLY awaiting the arrival of their season tickets just days before the season is set to begin. What follows is the ticket arrival schedule that the Yankees are providing to season ticket holders:

Full SeasonMarch 13-16, 2008March 18, 2008
Plan AMarch 17, 2008March 19, 2008
Plan BMarch 20, 2008March 24, 2008
Plan CMarch 11-12, 2008March 13-14, 2008
Plan DMarch 20, 2008March 24, 2008
Plan EMarch 21, 2008March 25, 2008
Plan FMarch 24, 2008March 26, 2008
Plan GMarch 24, 2008March 26, 2008
Plan HMarch 24, 2008March 26, 2008
Plan IMarch 24, 2008March 26, 2008
Flex PlanMarch 21, 2008March 25, 2008
Ticket Plans will be packaged together and shipped at one time for any Ticket Licensee that has more then three Ticket License Plans on one Ticket License Account. The approximate initial UPS ship date is March 24-25, 2008, with an expected deilvery date of March 25-29, 2008.

The Yankees also have a form on that allows you to UPS track your tickets after your ship date. You can access that form here.

So, fellow season ticket holders do not fret - your tickets will be shipping in the next week or two

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Anonymous said...

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