Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Photos courtesy of the AP of Shelley Duncan dirty slide and benches clearing

Shelley Fight

I am working on securing video of the Yankees and Devil Rays bench clearing brawl/fight/fisticuffs. However, it was NOT televised, so it is going to be a while until one of the local networks shows the b-roll footage they were filming from the days festivities.

To hold you guys over, here are some photos courtesy of the AP of Shelley Duncan sliding high and the ensuing antics. Remember, all of these antics took place after the Yankees starting pitcher Heath Phillips was ejected for barely brushing Evan Longoria with a pitch. This was all started the other day when first class idiot Elliot Johnson cost Yankees minor league catcher Francisco Cervelli 8-10 weeks in this unnecessary collision.

Shelley Duncan slides into Iwamura, spikes high

umpire calls Shelley Duncan out AND ejects him

Jonny Gomes comes out of nowhere like a madman and tries to get at Shelley

Gomes hangs on to Shelley while trying to tackle him

Joe Girardi argues the ejections

Like I said, hopefully video will follow later!

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