Friday, March 14, 2008

MLB's Anti-Yankee bias shines through yet again

In breaking news -Shelley Duncan and Melky Cabrera were suspended 3 games and Jonny Gomes was only suspended for 2 games.

Thats right, the guy who ran in from right field to incite a benches clearing incident gets the least of the punishment.

Apparently Melky Cabrera punched Evan Longoria. If true, he deserves 3 games. However, for Gomes to get the least of the suspensions is ridiculous. He was the instigator.

The proof is in the pictures:

Before you all start commenting about how Shelley started it all, lets remember that his slide, while unnecessary and possibly dirty occurred within the lines and did not involve him running from across the field to tackle someone.

Way to keep it fair, Mr. Watson.

Video of Shelley Duncan slide/benches clearing incident between the Yankees and the Rays can be found by clicking here

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