Friday, March 14, 2008

Yankee ticket prices - the rise is exponential

This interesting piece on talks about MSNBC anchor (and huge sports fan) Keith Olberman's tough decision on whether or not to renew his Yankee season tickets.

Everything they are talking about applies to the best seats in the house, but believe me when I tell you that there is plenty of a trickle down for us average folk in the cheap seats:

Olbermann remembered back to 1972, when four seats for the season wound up costing $1,056 (there were 15 doubleheaders). Now the seats - so close to the field that his mother got hit by a ball when Chuck Knoblauch overthrew first base eight years ago - cost him $81,000.

"From $1,000 a season, it's $1,000 a game," he said. "So literally they've now crossed that mark where it's 81 times more expensive to see the season as it was in 1972."

According to the Consumer Price Index, $4 in 1972 is about $20 now - meaning even when adjusted for inflation, there's been a 12-fold increase for the best box seats.

To break it down a little more clearly, check out this chart of the most expensive tickets in Yankee Stadium since 1967.

Just think - all of this and the new stadium doesn't even open until next year.

Time to get a second job!

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