Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Don't worry Derek, its just Spring Training.... Right?!

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Derek Jeter is having a Spring to forget. In 50 plate appearances, DJ has 0 RBIs. To put that in perspective, Wilson Betemit has 9 RBI and is batting under .200. OK, so as points out, that is probably more of a statistical oddity than anything to be concerned about.

However, with 4 GIDPs in 50 PAs, Jeter is among the league's worst in Spring Training. Check out the list here:


Being that he has less ABs than most of those guys, he has among the worst DP rates. Lets hope it is just a Spring aberration and not a continuation of a trend that began last season. We all remember watching Derek appear to age before our eyes in 2007 as he was among the league leaders with 21 GIDPs.

It isn't time to hit any sort of panic button over Spring Training statistics. What will be VERY interesting is to see what sort of a start to the season El Capitan has.

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1 comment: said...

Derek Jeter is the last Yankee I'd be worrying about..he is by far, and easily the guy with his head on straight. Don't expect anything under .300 for Jeter this season. Go Yanks!

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