Thursday, March 20, 2008

The blogging beat writer - at what point do they cross the line?

Just a little while ago, Peter Abraham posted the following on his blog:

Mike Mussina came in this morning and asked Phil Hughes who pitched for the Pirates last night.

“Some old guy,” Phil Hughes said.

Mussina than found out it was Matt Morris, who is 33.

“That’s old?” the 39-year-old Mussina said. “What am I?”

Isn’t Matt Morris going to read about this and be a bit angry with Phil?

Don’t the Yankees play on the road, at Pittsburgh this year?

Isn’t there a very good chance that Phil will have to step into the batter’s box against Morris this year?

Is it really the place of a beat writer to share this conversation from the locker room?

Obviously, Phil didn’t have to say that in Peter’s presence, but it seems from reading both of their blogs, that at this point Phil trusts Peter. I’m not sure if putting this quote on his blog in the sake of humor was such a good idea.

Someone tell me if I am crazy. It may seem funny to the average Yankee fan, but Matt Morris may take it personal. It is a bit disrespectful, even if Matt Morris sucks.

This is where blogging by beat writers with unlimited clubhouse access gets a bit dangerous.

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