Saturday, March 22, 2008

Finally some concrete information on new Yankee Stadium 2009 Pricing in the "cheap" seats

New Yankee Stadium Picture

The AP is reporting on the new Yankee Stadium 2009 pricing with splashy headlines about how much more expensive things are going to be.

However, buried at the end of the article is this juicy bit of information that has me pretty excited as a season ticket holder in the Tier Reserved MVP section:

As for the regular seats, the Yankees hope to send out a relocation plan in April. Through Thursday, the Yankees had sold 39,141 full-season equivalents.

Trost said there will be about 11,000 non-premium seats at field level and 12,000 at the main level. He said 25,000 seats from the final year of the current ballpark won't be increased for 2009.

"Of the non-premium seats, 88 percent will be less than $100," he said. "It's easy to say that that's not cheap, but on the other 55 percent of the ballpark is going to be $45 or less. That's over 24,000 seats. We recognize everybody can't afford the suites. At the same time, we're trying to allow those suite prices to subsidize the other seating in the stadium. Look, the bleachers are $12, will be $12. The grandstand is $20 and $25, will be $20 and $25."
The "he" in the quotes is Lonnie Trost, COO of the Yankees.

This is clearly good news as it looks like next year will NOT see a price increase for the Tier Reserved, MVP seats.

However, I am in section 1 right now (DIRECTLY behind home plate) and have around 4 years of seniority. The HUGE question remains - where will my seats be located in the new stadium?

As soon as I receive that relocation guide in the mail, I will post the exciting information here.

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4 comments: said...

Great read and thank you for the information on the seats.. I can't afford anything down low but I'll be sure to get the 20 dollars tickets :)

Anonymous said...

The seats in the 8th row behind home plate are going up from $250 to $850. I sat there last week and everyone in the section was complaining and saying they're not coming back. Long time season tickets holders are all being flushed out (or back).

They also said a 4-10 year contract was required, with the tickets going up 6% every year.

How can they be going up 350%?

Going up 100% would still have been eyepopping, but 3 1/2 times is pure criminal.

That's going from rich to filthy, disgusting rich. I assume only Trump and celebrities will sit there now?

Jennifer said...

are your seats in tier section 1 good? i'm looking at tickets for an afternoon game in august and have the choice between section 1 and section 11 of the tier mvp...never been to a yankees game before...suggestions???

Ross said...

Tier section 1 are great seats. Highly recommended.

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