Saturday, March 29, 2008

Get your raincoats and umbrellas ready for Yankees Opening Day 2008


Update (3/30 12:19 PM): Well, things aren't really looking any better. This rain event isn't going to be a deluge, but the chance of precipitation is going to increase as the day moves on. In addition, it is going to be cold with temperatures not escaping the middle 40's. As for Tuesday, it is definitely going to be warmer, but there might not be as much sun as was originally expected. My opinion is still that the Yankees should make an early decision on Sunday night to postpone Monday's game. Tuesday will be a better day for baseball, if not perfect. We'll see what the Yankees do.

UPDATE (3/29 10:54 AM): Models seem to be coming more into agreement on a rain event on Monday that would wash out the home opener. The only good news is that Tuesday looks to be clearing out by Mid-morning and the potential for temperatures to reach the 60 degree mark. The Yankees would be smart to pay close attention to this and make an early cancellation on Monday if possible. That way at least people won't head to the Stadium and then have to come back AGAIN on Tuesday. The Yankees have made some bad decisions when it comes to calling games (remember the Detroit ALDS game in 2006?), so I wouldn't count on the Yankees doing anything smart.

One of the main reasons that I am never too upset about my season ticket plan not including Opening Day is because of the crappy weather that is bound to happen each year at the beginning of April.

It looks like 2008, the final season at the current Yankee Stadium, will be no different.

Rain likely. Highs in the lower 50s. Chance of rain 60 percent.

As it stands now, Monday is set to be a washout. However, we are still over 72 hours out, so there is plenty of room for forecast errors.

Keep an eye on the weather for the Bronx

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Geddes said...

Keep us posted - This would be a disaster if they started the game and then had to cancel bringing everybody back Tuesday afternoon - two days off from work?!?!

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