Sunday, April 6, 2008

The YES Network believes all Asians are the same

Hideki Matsui hits a HR, YES Network cameras show Taiwanese fans going crazy. All Asians are the same, right?

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peter said...

I love taking the opportunity to take a swing at "The MAN" trying to keep us down just as much as the next guy. Sure, the director at YES may have thrown to the camera focusing on people waving the flag of Taiwan, a mistake worth noting, no question. But if the YES network can be accused of seeing all Asians as the same, what can be said of the Taiwanese fans who are waving their flags like rabid fans after a Japanese player hit the home run? Couldn't we also title the entry, "Taiwanese fans believe all Asians are the same"? I'll be sure to bring my Korean flag to The Stadium the next time, and wave it after every Wang strikeout.

Ross said...

Peter -

Valid point. However, the Taiwanese fans were merely cheering because their guy (WANG) was on track for a win because of the run support. They were waving their flags around because they were in their hands and because this put their pitcher on track for a win.

I just thought it was kind of funny that YES made it a point to QUICKLY jump to that camera as Matsui was running around the bases. It just seemed a bit out of place. There were 50,000 fans screaming and yelling about the Matsui HR, and they decided to focus on the Taiwanese group. Seemed strange and worthy of a little gentle ribbing.

Nick2Slick said...

Ross people are starting to take you seriously :-)

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