Friday, April 4, 2008

UPDATE: There may be baseball in the Bronx tonight after all!


UPDATE (4/4 - 4:40 PM) - It appears that the more organized batch of rain that was supposed to move in this evening has dissipated. What we are left with is spotty showers/ drizzle activity. This sort of rain will not cancel the game, so expect the game to be played. What you shouldn't expect is to enjoy the experience as it is sure to be damp and fairly cool.

Everyone is going to get their hopes up with a 2-3 hour break in the steady rain that is about to occur, but the rain will be back tonight, and with a vengeance. The rain will even linger throughout the day tomorrow (Saturday) and may threaten that game as well.
rainfall amounts from a series of waves riding along a frontal
boundary across the region will range between a half and one inch of
rain through Saturday night. There may be a few isolated locations
that receive just over an inch. Due to the long duration of this
rainfall we are not expecting any river or stream flooding. We could
however see some ponding of water on roadways in the usual poor
drainage and low lying areas. Otherwise...dry weather returns Sunday
with just slight chances for Monday.
This time of year features more rained out games than any other time of the year and it is frustrating for everyone. It isn't only a headache for the fans who are stuck in limbo, but I would assume the players as well. These will go down in the books as "off days" but they have to follow their pre-game routine as if the game is going to be played. Apparently retractable roof stadiums aren't worth it when factoring in the average number of rained out games per season, but the month of April really makes you long for one.

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