Friday, April 18, 2008

A-Rod leaves Abreu hanging - really, George King - REALLY?!

From the paper that brought you Stray-Rod comes A-Rod leaves Abreu hanging:

Damn - now I have to go all FJM on your asses.

Because every move he makes is under a huge spotlight,

Drafted version of this intro that was left on the cutting room floor:
We here at the NY Post hate Alex Rodriguez and want to point out to our dumb readers - who only educate themselves by reading the tabloids - every bit of A-Rod news that could potentially be construed by someone as even a little bit controversial. Reason for being cut? Run-on sentence.

Alex Rodriguez was asked last night why he doesn't shake hands, exchange fist knuckles or acknowledge Bobby Abreu when Abreu homers in front of him.

George King didn't happen to be the one asking that question, did he? Nahh, he wouldn't have. George King would never stir up A-Rod controversy.

As Abreu approaches the plate Rodriguez is off to the left side going through his preparation to hit, a program that includes a violent practice swing.

You hear that, kids? A-Rod is violent. We all know to steer clear of violence. Violence is bad.

"I have always done that because I don't like celebrating on the field,"

Jerk. All of the cool guys celebrate on the field. Didn't you see Manny raise his hands like he had just won a World Series when he hit that HR off of Moose last night? The fans in Boston love Manny. Celebration = fan love.

Rodriguez said before last night's 7-5 loss to the Red Sox in which he went 1-for-4 and 0-for-1 in the clutch to lower his batting average to .067 (1-for-15) with runners in scoring position.

WOAH - where did that come from? A-Rod is violent, doesn't celebrate with his teammates and now he sucks in the "clutch". How about the fact that he is tied for the lead on the Yankees in OPS+, leads the team in HRs and SLG % has a .980 fielding percentage at third base and he has played in every game this year. I'm sure he has done all of that in meaningless situations. Don't forget the fact that A-Rod is 10-29 with men on base so far this year, with a .345 .406 .586 line. Of course, these sample sizes are silly and the stats can be twisted any way we want this early in the season. Sorry to rain on your A-Rod bashing parade, Mr. King.

"When the hitter in front of me strikes out, I don't go over and pat him on the shoulder."

Of course you don't, A-Rod. You are violent, you don't celebrate with your teammates, and you are and always have been terrible in the clutch. Why would anyone expect you to show compassion for your mentally distraught teammate after he makes a heartbreaking out. I bet you're in the dugout putting on your purple lipstick while Abreu is kicking over the water cooler.

If that blurb in the NY Post today wasn't the most obvious, straight to the point A-Rod bashing veiled as news in the history of the NY tabloids, I don't know what is.

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Charlie said...

Its funny because FJM just did this so their was not need to
oh well

Ross said...

Charlie -

Check the timestamp - I posted it 3 hours prior and then sent it in to FJM!

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