Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tickets to the game tomorrow night? You might want to make other plans


The weather forecast is pretty terrible for Friday evening against the rival Rays. Yea, thats right, they're a rival now. Any time the benches clear, teams become rivals.

Anyway, I can't provide any good news for those of you with tickets for tomorrow night's game:

there is the potential for an inch to an inch and a half from
coastal Connecticut and just north and NYC and points south...with
lower amounts to the north and west...for tonight into Saturday
night. Most of the rain will likely fall late tonight into Friday
morning...and this could cause ponding in the usual poor drainage
and low lying areas.
The good news is, the heaviest rain is going to be overnight tonight into Friday morning. The bad news is that the rain is going to linger into Saturday and the Yankees will most likely let the early day rain affect their postponement decision.

If I were a betting man, I'd say that tomorrow night's game will be rained out. Be sure to check the radar on the right side of the page tomorrow evening, as I will be traveling and won't be able to provide up to the minute updates.
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