Sunday, April 13, 2008

Found on the interwebs: New Yankee Stadium 2009 Seating Chart

Take it with a grain of salt, but this supposed 2009 New Yankee Stadium seating chart is floating around the web.

(click to enlarge)

Based on the username of the person who posted that on baseball-fever (WBMason), my educated guess is that the Yankees provided the new seating chart to advertisers in the current Yankee Stadium so they can decide if/where they want to advertise in the new stadium.

So, what did we learn from that leaked seating chart?
1) Seating in Yankee stadium just got WAY more confusing (21 different levels of seating?!)
2) Suites are plentiful (horray for rich people filling up the seats!)

Of course, I will scan up ALL of the official season ticket holder new Yankee Stadium documentation as soon as I receive the 2009 Yankee Stadium Relocation Guide. Now at least I know that Tier Reserved MVP section 1 in Yankee Stadium 2008 = Grandstand 420B in the new Yankee Stadium 2009. Fingers are crossed for a fair relocation!

H/T to Greg over at Sliding Into Home for his post which alerted me to this and of course big ups to WBMason over at if this is in fact real.

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Anonymous said...

this is real. i got the same thing when i had a meeting with the yankees in a special area of the current yankee stadium.

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