Wednesday, April 23, 2008 My obsession continues - more A-Rod bashing

Wohooooo! Three A-Rod posts in a row! Guess I'm falling into the trap. Anyway, I would like to preface this with the disclaimer that I DO NOT read the NY Post (or any of the NY tabloids). However, people bring this stuff to my attention, and I just have to ridicule it.

Our good buddy George King III (thanks again for that photo exclusive G-Dog), sneaked a bit of A-Rod bashing into last night's NY Post game story, even though A-Rod was probably cooing at his baby in the hospital as the game was being played.

The win, which didn't include Alex Rodriguez who was nursing a sore right quad muscle in Miami, where his second daughter was born Monday night, was the Yankees' second straight and hiked their record to 11-10.

After watching Billy Traber and Brian Bruney load the bases with one out in the seventh and the Yankees leading 6-3, Joe Girardi called for Chamberlain.

He struck out Carlos Quentin, walked Joe Crede after being ahead of him, 1-2, to force in a run and left the bases drunk by getting Juan Uribe on a pop-up.

Chamberlain hurled a scoreless eighth when he worked with a five-run bulge thanks' to Damon's second homer in as many games.

"You kick yourself when you walk people," Chamberlain said. "I gave [the run] up for Billy."

Wang, who gave up three runs and 10 hits in six innings, won his 50th big-league game in his 85th start. That's the quickest to 50 since Dwight Gooden won his 50th game in his 82nd start. Ron Guidry won his 50th game in his 82nd start in 1979.

Since he is hitting .150 (3-for-20) with runners in scoring position, Rodriguez wasn't missed by the Yankees in the clutch. Nobody knows when he will return to the lineup. But for one night Abreu, Giambi and Damon supplied the muscle that Rodriguez is famous for.

The first mention is completely acceptable. Yankees playing without Rodriguez = big story. However, after typical game story stuff, George King III shows his typical A-Rod hatred. Someone, anyone, PLEASE tell me how that paragraph in bold above was AT ALL pertinent to the game story?

One day we will find out the truth behind a couple of the great mysteries of New York Sports. The photos that Isiah Thomas has of James Dolan in a precarious position will be revealed and we will find out some wacked-out connection between George King III and A-Rod that will lead to an epiphany about his obvious hatred.

Does a photo exist of George King III exist on the interwebs? I can't seem to find one. I want to create a logo for these posts. Let me know in the comments.

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Sir Buzz Killington IV said...

Putting his general ineptitude aside, it's pretty pompous and supercilious to include roman numerals after one's name to imply any sort of prestigous or royal familial lineage.

Good day!

Jorge said...

If you're talking about firing someone, why don't we just fire Michael Kay too. I'm at my wits end with him.

That's a platform I'm all for.

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