Friday, April 11, 2008

UPDATE: Alan Horne injured in AAA Scranton Wilkes-Barre game PARTIAL tear of the biceps

UPDATE: (4/11 - 6:00 PM) - Update on Alan's injury relatively good news, but not great news:
I have talked with Alan after the pictures and tests have been done. As far as what could have been, the news is good. The doctors told Alan that he has a biceps strain--or partical tear. Evidently they relate those two terms as one in the same. It is not a complete tear and that's good. He has been told he will go to Tampa for the rehab, however at this point, the length of the rehab is not known. The obvious assumption there is it will depend on how long it takes the injuried area to settle down to the point it can be worked. I think right now he is shown on the 7-day DL. As more information becomes available I will try to keep you posted.
thanks again to Mr. Horne for the info! Also, way more detailed information from Chad Jennings

Alan Horne pitched for SWB tonight and here was his line:

2 IP, 4 H, 4 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 2 K

That is the good news.

Horne was removed after 2 innings with some sort of arm injury. According to a source close to Alan:
I've talked with Alan, and I'll tell you what I know without speculation. Until tomorrow when X-Rays and MRIs are taken, nothing is known for sure. The educated guess by the trainer staff @ Scranton is: 1) best case scenerio--strained biceps, 2) worse case scenerio--torn biceps. The what happens next will just have to wait on information from the results of tomorrow's tests. Those results will probably not be made available until sometime tomorrow afternoon.
Even more details, with quotes from Chad Jennings' blog

So, lets all keep our fingers crossed. The Eastern League pitcher of the year in 2007 has a pretty good future ahead of him and we don't need a debilitating injury veering Alan off of his course to the show.

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Alan Horne said...

Do I make you Horne-y? Hey, remember that from Austin Powers? Classic! Do you know how many chicks in Wilkes-Barre I bagged with that line? Two!

Ross said...

Well played, well played.

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