Monday, April 28, 2008

Robinson Cano - The worst hitter in baseball?

Obviously, we know that Robinson Cano isn't the worst hitter in baseball... Right?

Sadly, thus far in 2008, Robinson Cano is dead last among qualified batters in OPS.

Don't believe me? Check it out here.

This horrid start by Cano reminds me of simpler times back in 2005 when everyone's favorite whipping boy, Tony Womack, amassed a .556 OPS in 329 ABs. Sadly, he did not qualify for the worst in the category (not enough ABs), but one would assume over the course of the full season, he would have easily beat out 2005 OPS basement dweller Adam Everett.

Interestingly enough, that terrible season by Womack is what gave Robinson Cano the chance to do what he is doing now.

I'm still not down on Cano yet. If the date read May 28 and not April 28, I would be ready to hit the eject button. On the more negative side of things, Cano's extremely high ground ball percentage, and terrible patience at the plate certainly have me a bit worried.

Boy, what I would give to be John Sterling. I was listening to the game on the radio for a few minutes yesterday and I heard him talking about how this will be "the worst 100 ABs Cano will ever have in his career" (lets hope). He followed that up by saying that if this were someone who didn't have a history of being an over .300 hitter, one would assume he just can't hit a lick. However, John pointed out that this is Robinson Cano we are talking about, so "just think how many hits he has coming to him for the rest of the season". Sadly, it does not work that way, John. Ignorance is bliss.

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