Saturday, April 5, 2008


With all of the message boards going nuts wanting to get rid of Hawkins, Farnsworth, Damon and Kennedy after 4 games (not to mention grumblings about Cano [1-15] and Jeter [2 GIDPs in 4 games], we here at NYYSI thought we would share our own absolutely irrational ideas for how to fix this obviously broken team.

Release Damon, Hawkins, Farnsworth. Send Cano and Kennedy to the minors. They all suck. Bench Jeter and move him to the utility role.

New team:

LF - Austin Jackson (call him up, he's ready - homegrown Yankees forever!)
RF - Abreu (he's the only good one in 4 games, so he stays)
SS - A-Rod (he is on the hot seat though, better shape it up too many "unclutch" K's )
1B - Shelley Duncan (he'll split time here with Jeter)
3B - Betemit (he finally gets his chance)
DH Ensberg
CF - Melky (Home opener - 'nuff said)
C- Jose Molina (Jorge is cooked - just a little switcharoo here)
2B - Alberto Gonzalez (SS, 2B - whats the difference?)

SP - Hughes, Pettitte, sign David Wells, convince David Cone to un-retire, make an unlikely trade with the Mets for El Duque
BP - Joba, Mo, Albaladejo, Ohlendorf, Traber, Bruney sign Jeff Nelson, Ramiro Mendoza, trade for Mike Stanton.

New manager: Tony Pena - Fire Girardi. Did you ever see Joe Torre getting sick and missing games? No, he just slept it off on the bench. Lets get Tony Pena at the helm. One rule for Tony: he must always wear that new base coach helmet, even if he is in the dugout as the manager - he looks awesome in it.

That is NYYSI's proposal for a new Yankee team. Take it or leave it people. So what if there are 14 pitchers and Alberto Gonzalez is starting over Derek Jeter. The Yankees are 2-2 and just got blown out by the rival Rays. WE DEMAND CHANGE!

Talk about it in the NYYSI Forums!
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