Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh no! My authentic road A-Rod jersey is bad luck

Also, I ruined Chien Ming Wang's no-hit bid last year by talking about it. Annnnd I make Bob Shepherd announce my name over the PA via recording even though every other player has the new guy while Shepherd is out sick. Ok, now I'm just listing off random stupid superstitions and this isn't getting us anywhere.

Basically, I broke out the brand new A-Rod authentic road jersey, and the Yankees played like crap. I'd like to think the two have no relation whatsoever, but Derek Jeter would probably disagree.

Anyway, there was a game being played and idiots in the crowd to ridicule, but neither were too exciting on this night.

Please excuse my potentially fuzzy recollection - I dulled the pain of the horrid pitching by Mike Mussina with multiple $13 Foster beers. By the way, here is a little message for Mike Mussina to chew on over his next peanut butter and jelly sandwich - as much as I am against Yankee fans booing their own players, I'm not yelling MOOOOOoooooose anymore - I am booing. Loudly.

Manny Ramirez has hit the ball a combined 1,000,000 feet off of you in the past week, but you continue to feed him batting practice fastballs right down the middle of the plate. Seriously, get a clue.

Big ups to the cute girl who walked up the wrong set of stairs in tier section 12 and looked around pathetically until I yelled at her that she was in the next section over. She thanked me and said she always does that, not even realizing how creepy it was that myself and my buddy (Fake Ian Kennedy!) knew where she was supposed to be sitting even though we didn't know her at all. Ignorance is bliss.

Here's a question that I am sure MANY Yankee fans in the upper deck have asked - what is up with the Beck's Beer vendor who seems to have turrets and just repeats "now batting for Boston, JACOBY ELSBURY". I have seen him do this before with other teams as well. He just picks a random player from the opposing team and announces in a booming, wannabe PA voice that he is batting - even if he isn't batting. I don't really understand what the point of it is. Yes, he is drawing attention to himself, thus theoretically increasing his chances of selling the product he is hawking. However, the annoyance factor more than outweighs that and even if Beck's was my favorite beer in the history of the world, I would opt for a Miller Lite just out of spite. He did switch it up when Moose was getting bombed. He announced "now batting ROSS OPENDORF". Ross Opendorf indeed.

When the game torture was over, getting out of the Stadium was just as fun as always. The inner corridors of the upper deck were more jam-packed than usual and while I don't have one homophobic bone in my body, lets just say I didn't enjoy the close proximity of the other dude's junk to my backside. We made the smart decision to go back out into the seating area and snake through the seats until we reached the ramps to mercifully end the evening.

Random notes:
- Tino Martinez pulled the lever, counting down to the final game at the Stadium. I'm going to predict at least 5 more lever pulls from Tino this year. They should lose the Great City Subway Race and replace it with a "who will pull the lever the most times" counter. Tino FTW!
- The new Stadium is coming along nicely:

- I didn't witness any fights and I'm glad. If you like fights, check out this image from fans fighting at the Yankees / Red Sox game on 4/16
- Nobody yelled "take ya hat off" before God Bless America. Not even Fake Ian Kennedy because he was buying beer. I did receive a text message.
- There is no truth to the rumor that I ran into this guy at the game:

(yes, I am trying to end as many posts as possible with this image)

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Anonymous said...

i think the beck's vendor named mark is adorable =] that retarded becks guy is just sooo weird.

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