Friday, April 11, 2008

We know what our readers want!

We at NYYSI have spent countless time writing posts about ticket deals, stadium insider info, straight baseball analysis, and amusing photoshops. Yet it is a post about David Cone saying that Ian Kennedy got "jerked off" in the bullpen that sets our daily hit record so far at 7,055 hits.

By the way, Bob Klapisch wrote a nice article about Cone's return to the broadcast booth and managed NOT to mention IPK getting a Coney in the bullpen. We're glad about this article, because it means that although the whole interwebs was abuzz about his gaffe, the mainstream media was either oblivious, deemed itself too highbrow or simply didn't care about it. That means Cone (who actually has some interesting insights) won't be fired or suspended anytime soon. Good news.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Regarding David Cone's verbal slip about Ian Kennedy-
As Cone speaks in the video clip, the other announcer calls strike two on Kennedy's pitch. Next pitch, the batter fouls the ball to the catcher, and the announcer says the count remains at 2-2. Where I come from, that's a K, no wonder Kennedy is struggling. Sheeesh!

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