Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yankees Adjust To The Economy, Rethink Legends Suites

Way back in May, we had an idea on how to fix the problem of empty Legends Suites: "a great start would be eliminating the "luxury box" feel of the Legends seats. Ditch the amenities, and make them regular seats. If you want all you can eat food, get a luxury box." Last week, (as first reported on the NYY Fans Forums), the Yankees announced revisions to their 2010 "luxury" seating options, headlined by changes to a portion of the Legends Suites.

Apparently the Yankees took our advice. They have stripped the all you can eat luxury aspect from a portion of the seats, along with making them more reasonably priced. Many different outlets have picked up the AP report, citing the pricing changes, so feel free to click through to those fine sources for the details. The essentials are that The "Legends Suite" no longer includes sections 11-13 and 27B-29. Those seats will now be called the "Champions Suite." The major difference is that they no longer include access to the all-you-can-eat Legends Suite Club. They will still have access to free "stadium food" at the seats and at select concession stands.

Between this change, and last month's announcement of similar or reduced prices for tickets in much of the stadium, it seems the Yankees are taking their focus groups seriously. That, or the economy is still largely stagnant and while the financial markets have stabilized, so has the percentage of those unfortunate people who are unemployed - meaning there are just as many without jobs. The changes we are talking about today are changes that the Yankees would have made before the season if they had time to rethink the pricing after the financial collapse of 2008. This isn't any kind of good will, this is adjusting to market conditions and ensuring that the seats are filled to capacity.
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