Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NSI Game Day Weather - ALDS Game 1 - Rain Clears, Winds Remain

The playoffs are finally here! As expected, there is rain in the forecast (seems to be the theme of 2009), but it should clear the area by game time. According to our good friend Steve from, the main weather impact in this game will be strong winds. Here is what he has to say:

NW WindWind this evening
The rain will exit the Bronx by early this afternoon ensuring dry conditions for the game. The biggest impact will be the strong northwesterly winds around 15 to 30 mph with gusts to 45 mph. The direction of the wind will be blowing out towards right field and will have a significant impact on fly balls and pop ups. For example, a pop up towards third base will be pushed towards short stop the longer the ball is in the air. Temperatures at the start of the game will be in the lower 60’s and fall quickly through the mid 50’s for the duration of the game. Temperatures will feel like the upper 40’s to lower 50’s when the wind is taken into account.

Game Delay Potential: None: I don’t expect any reason for a delay as the precipitation will be east of the Bronx by the afternoon. The main threat will be the wind, which will not delay the game.

Game Postponement: None: No postponement of the game is expected.

Game 2: Friday at 6 PM: Showers will be a threat as a warm front pushes north over the Bronx. The showers may be heavy at times as the warm front moves through in the evening, however drier conditions are expected after 8 PM as the warm front lifts north. Winds will veer to the southwest around 10 to 20 mph. Temperatures will range from the lower to mid 60’s through the game.
As Michael Kay has told us 8.2 million times, A-Rod "has trouble with pop-ups," so let's hope that the wind doesn't become a factor in that sense! From a fan's perspective, the cold wind will be the worst in the upper rows of the grandstand (rows 14 and up), as well as in the back rows of the terrace section. Also, expect a strong and uncomfortable wind if you are in standing room or cafe seating areas on the field level. Bring warm clothing. We did notice recently that the main level (200's) is much warmer than the rest of the stadium on cold nights, since it doesn't have the open feel of the Grandstand and field levels.

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