Saturday, October 10, 2009

Our A-Rod Prophecy Fulfilled

Yesterday started with our post about a resurgent, defiant, postseason A-Rod and continued with a prophetic, on-camera statement about his role in last night's game, seen in the clip below:

OK, so it wasn't our Mike Blowers moment, but we did say that A-Rod would "put the smackdown on the Twins again."

As we all know, the evening ended after A-Rod's 9th inning heroics and Teixeira's walk-off HR, sending the Yankees faithful home in a state of pure jubilation. We knew that would happen. is an interesting concept for a website and is going around to sports venues around the country, talking to fans, getting them pumped up about the website. On-camera work isn't exactly our forte, but if it is for you, check out
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