Friday, October 9, 2009

A-Rod's New At Bat Music - Postseason Swagger Directed At The Haters

Anyone who follows Major League Baseball is aware of Alex Rodriguez' perceived struggles under the bright lights of the postseason. On Wednesday night, he broke out of his postseason slump with two big hits and two RBIs. While the mainstream media has spent the entire season noting Alex's new attitude, nobody noted the defiant music that accompanied his first four at bats of the 2009 postseason.

Oh they want me to fall (fall),
Fall from the top (top),
They want me to drop (drop)
They want me to stop (stop)
They want me to go (go),
I’m already gone (already)
The shit that I’m on
I’m already home
(Hey, I’m already home yeah)

The song called "Already Home" is off of Jay Z's Blueprint 3 and features Kid Cudi (at times, over one third of the Yankees lineup walks to the plate to Jay-Z songs). The message of that chorus seems to be directed at the haters - people like the guy in the below picture who can't possibly be a Yankees fan (from a game earlier this season at the stadium):

Or the guy sitting in Section 428, Row 11, seat 10 on Wednesday night, who spent A-Rod's entire first at bat hatefully "rooting" for A-Rod, saying things like "here comes the strikeout." He was wearing a Yankees jersey, but we're unsure how he could take his fandom seriously while attending a postseason game and wishing for A-Rod to fail. This wasn't someone trying the "reverse jinx" method that some fans use to help prevent disappointment. This was someone who clearly hates Alex Rodriguez and really wants to see him fail so the cycle of hatred can continue.

A lot of Yankees fans like the ones above want Rodriguez to fall from the top - they want him to go. The fact is, he is signed until he is 42, and in his eyes, he is already home.

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