Friday, October 9, 2009

FINAL UPDATE: NSI Game Day Weather - ALDS Game 2 - Rain Holds Off Until After The Game

UPDATE (10/9 - 3:30 PM): Here is the final update from Steve:
An area of clearing skies is working northward from central New Jersey this afternoon and will clip into the Bronx early this evening. The shower threat that moved through the Bronx the past few hours is collapsing under the influence of a strong ridge at 500 MB.

For this evening, expect dry conditions with scattered to broken cloud cover. The shower threat will be focused north and west of the Bronx through this evening with no significant impact on game conditions. In fact, with a southwesterly wind around 5 to 15 mph and temperatures in the mid to upper 60’s, conditions will be very comfortable to watch and play this game!

If you are keeping an eye on the radar this evening, don’t be alarmed by the wall of rain that will approach the New York City metropolitan area as the game progresses. Unless this game becomes a lengthy extra innings affair, the rain will hold off well after the game has ended.
Looks like we won't need to layer up tonight! Great news. Enjoy the game everyone.

UPDATE (10/9 - 9:30 AM): Here is what Steve from has to say this morning:
Overcast yet generally dry conditions are expected for the second ALDS game at the Bronx. The steady, heavy rainfall will remain to the west of the Bronx until after 11 PM, giving the Yankees a long window of dry conditions to get this game in. I can’t rule out an isolated shower passing by, but these showers will be weak and fast moving. Otherwise, winds will be from the south and southwest around 5 to 15 mph, increasing to 10 to 20 mph as the evening progresses. This wind blows out to right field. Temperatures will range from the mid to upper 60’s.

Game Delay Potential: Minor: Showers may lead to a delay of the start of the game, however dry conditions will be expected for much of the evening.

Game Postponement: None: The heaviest rain will remain well to the west of the Bronx through late this evening, giving the Yankees a long window to get this game in. Lets hope for no drawn out extra innings!
Original post from last night follows:

After extremely windy, but manageable weather conditions on Wednesday, ALDS Game 2 is set to bring with it a greater chance of a weather delay. meteorologist Steve DiMartino has checked in with a weather update for tomorrow. Here is what he has to say:
A warm front will move through the Bronx at about the start time of the game with scattered showers lingering around 6 to 7 PM. A dry break is expected through the rest of the evening as the precipitation remains to the west with the slow moving cold front. Winds will be around 5 to 15 mph from the southwest. Temperatures will the mid to upper 60’s through the game.

Game Delay Potential: Minor: Showers may lead to a delay of the start of the game, however dry conditions will follow as the evening progresses.

Game Postponement: None: The threat of the showers will end by 7 PM followed by dry conditions through the rest of the evening.
We assume that most people reading this post are like us, and extremely excited about watching baseball on Friday night. Savvy fans realize that if the game gets pushed back even a day, AJ Burnett will then be in line to have to pitch on short rest in the unlikely event that a 5th game is necessary. Fortunately, it appears that the game is not in jeopardy of being canceled. At worst we'll be inconvenienced by a bit of rain at the beginning, while the late-arriving workday crowd is slowly filtering in.

Of course, if anything changes during the day on Friday, we'll check back in as we always do.
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