Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What Are These Cafe Seats At The New Yankee Stadium?

Last week, we reported that the Yankees had installed what they dubbed "cafe seating" at multiple locations on the field level of the new Yankee Stadium. At the time, we commiserated the decision, since it means the end of freeloading amazing views from the field concourse, just in time for the playoffs. On the positive side, it means that more Yankees fans will be able to pack into the "new house" for a World Series run and make the intimidating noise that we have become known for.

Unfortunately, these seats remain shrouded in mystery. They were installed on the last weekend of the season, so people who visited the stadium earlier in the season have no idea what to expect. Yesterday, tickets went on sale to the general public and there was no way to check a view from "cafe seats" on Yankees.com. The pricing is reasonable (starting at $81 for the ALDS), but what the heck is the "bar stool seating" that ticketmaster.com describes? We are here to answer your questions. Below is a photo of the Yankee Stadium "cafe seating" that we snapped last weekend:

For whatever reason, there is no consistency in the cafe tables. Some of the sections on the field level feature tall tables and bar stools (as seen in the photo above), while others feature lower tables and regular chairs. If you purchase tickets in a section with the lower, regular chairs (we know that section 120B Row 28s and section 120A Row 28s are two examples), you will be forced to stand up to see the action because the wheelchair patrons in the ADA section directly in front of you will block the view. If you are in other "cafe seating" sections, you might get lucky and have the higher bar stool seating that allows you to see the field unimpeded while sitting down.

Regardless of the height of your chair, having access to these locations will be well worth the money for a playoff game. As we mentioned before, we have stood in these spots for many games during the season, and they really give you a great perspective of the play on the field.
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