Monday, October 26, 2009

Expect A Sea Of Red (Phillies Fans) For The 2009 World Series Games At Yankee Stadium

UPDATE (10/27 1:30 PM): The following comes courtesy of our friends at
Latest prices for World Series games:

In New York the average ticket listing is $650 for Games 1 and 2. Fans can get-in for about $350.

For Philadelphia, the average ticket is running about $1,500 with get-ins at about $500.

If the series goes back to New York, the average ticket listing is nearly $1,000 and the get-in prices are $450.
You may remember our bellyaching back in May about the sea of red that accompanied the Phillies' trip to Yankee Stadium. At the time, we attributed the impressive showing to the Memorial Day holiday. Yankees fans were likely heading out of town and needed to offload their tickets. Fans from Philadelphia were waiting to scoop them up at prices that were more reasonable than at Citizen's Bank Park. Yankees fans had the supply, Philly fans had the demand and everyone walked away happy.

With the 2009 World Series fast approaching, the question remains - will fans of the Philadelphia Phillies once again take over Yankee Stadium? Ticket market information is starting to stream in from our friends at and all signs point to another sea of red. As of today, the Phillies average ticket prices were $1,626. The get-in price is $650. Compare that to Game 1 in New York where the average ticket listing is $769 and the get-in is $410. "If these prices hold, look for lots of red in Yankee Stadium," says Christian Anderson of

This will likely cause outrage in Yankees Universe. Fans will be called fair-weather and ticket brokers will be admonished. The truth is, there are more seats in Yankee Stadium and tickets are way easier to buy and sell due to MLB's deal with There are big brokers in Philadelphia, but not nearly as many as in New York City. If you live in Philadelphia, the cost of gas to New York City and a ticket into Yankee Stadium for a World Series game will probably be cheaper than walking around the corner to Citzen's Bank Park.

To our fellow Yankees fans, all we can do is encourage you to sell your tickets on to other Yankees fans - if you insist on selling your World Series tickets. If you sell on Stubhub, you are contributing to the Philly fan takeover.

More 2009 World Series ticket price information courtesy of after the jump.

World Series Game 1 Phillies @ Yankees
Tickets listed = 7,500+
Average price = $769
Get-in (lowest) price = $410 (Bleachers 201)
Field Dugout Best Value = $1,250
Field Infield Best Value = $ 1,100
Field Outfiled Best Value = $611
Grandstand Dugout Best Value = $445
Grandstand Outfield Best Value = $425
Legends Best Value = $2,832
Main Dugout Best Value = $950
Main Infield Best Value = $483
Main Outfield Best Value = $450
Main Suite Best Value = $2,200
Terrace Dugout Best Value = $600
Terrace Infield Best Value = $567
Terrace Outfield Best Value = $494
Terrace Suite Best Value = $665

World Series Game 2 Phillies @ Yankees
Tickets listed = 8,500+
Average price = $770
Get-in (lowest) price = $400


World Series Game 3 Yankees @ Phillies
Tickets listed = 3,500+
Average price = $1,645
Get-in (lowest) price = $650
Arcade Best Value = $939
Baseline Best Value = $1,000
Diamond Club Best Value = $3,125
Infield Best Value = $650
Outfield Best Value = $825
Pavilion Best Value = $990
Pavilion Deck Best Value = $770
Scoreboard Porch Best Value = $925
Terrace Best Value = $775
Terrace Deck Best Value = $715

World Series Game 4 Yankees @ Phillies
Tickets listed = 3,700+
Average price = $1,639
Get-in (lowest) price = $675

World Series Game 5 Yankees @ Phillies

Tickets listed = 5,500
Average price = $1,650
Get-in (lowest) price = $1650

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