Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yankee Relocation guide close to going live on

Update (8/29) As seen in the comments below by a not so friendly tipster, a couple of the below-mentioned links are actually live. Peep the comments and thanks for the kind words about the site.

A tipster over at the NYYSI forums has alerted me to this page that he found in Google cache. The page, which is set to go live here at an unspecified date offers a bit more insight into the relocation process, but not much.

At the top of the page, we can see that it says:
Click Here to fill out the relocation questionnaire
Questionnaire must be submitted by September 10,2008
To give fans any reasonable amount of time, they are going to need to go live on this site VERY soon.

Finally, there is this small print:
Opting Out of the Relocation Program
You are not required to participate in the Relocation Program. Licensees may seek to license Plans, subject to availability, as well as tickets to individual Games, outside of the Relocation Program. However, due to the limited inventory of tickets and anticipated demand for tickets under the Relocation Program, you are strongly encouraged to participate in the Relocation Program. Any tickets licensed outside of the Relocation Program will likely result in your receiving a less desirable seating location than had you participated in the Relocation Program.

Failure to Respond by the Invoice Date
If you fail to accept or decline your assignment in the manner described in this Guide by the due date reflected on the invoice accompanying your assignment, you will have no right to license a Plan through the Relocation Program.
Unfortunately, the invoice date is not available anywhere on that cached page.

It looks like there will be a "3-D seat selector" featured on that page as well, so you should be able to check out the view from your likely worse seats before taking the plunge.

Good luck everyone, the day of reckoning is nearly upon us.

Once again, thanks to "peterb" (not to be confused with petera) on the forums for this tip

Talk about it in the NYYSI Forums!


Anonymous said...

This Website is horrible!!! Other website have had the 3D virtual seat locator up for OVER a week. Plus the 2009 prices.

Anonymous said...

3D Stadium Tour website

Anonymous said...

How is this news worthy???? It is already on

Ross said...

At the time of posting this, it was no yet live on

Ross said...

** not yet live (typo)

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