Monday, August 11, 2008

Speaking of the Yankees' playoff chances...
It used to be fun to keep a finger on the pulse of Baseball Prospectus' postseason odds report. The Yankees playoff chances were usually up in the 90% range, and around this time of year the countdown to the playoffs and the "magic number" watch would commence.

Unfortunately, everything that could have gone wrong for the Yankees this season has gone wrong. The Yankees chances of making the playoffs currently stand between 8 and 10 percent (depending on if you adjust the playoff odds report to PECOTA projections or not). Any way you look at it, the likelihood of the team making the playoffs is getting smaller every day. It obviously isn't even close to impossible, but with every 3 game sweep, the odds move from unlikely to "its going to take a miracle".

On another note, as the odds of the Yankees making the playoffs continues to shrink, the prices for the last game at the current Yankee Stadium continue to rise. Imagine how high the prices will go once the Yankees are mathematically eliminated from the playoff race? What a sickening thought.

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