Friday, August 15, 2008

My newest time-killer -

Last month, I told you about where you can bet on sports with free money. It seemed to be a relatively popular post and I know at least a few of the loyal readers of this site checked it out.

Now I'm here to tell you about another site I waste my time on these days while I should be working -

Rootzoo is a relatively new sports site that has something for any sports fan. What sealed me as a daily user was their "pick 'em" contests. Basically, they give away everything from gift cards, to 42 inch plasma TVs to trips to the World Series for making sports picks every day.

In addition, you may have noticed a little "root it" link next to the "hype it up" link below each post on the blog. Feel free to click that link and it will add that story to the "news pulse" over at Rootzoo. There is so much more to the site, but you are better off just checking it out.

Editors note: I am not being paid by or to make these posts. I am a legitimate user and wanted to inform the readers of this site in case they are interested.

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