Saturday, August 30, 2008

Down on the farm: Another Alan Horne injury update

As many of you know, former top prospect Alan Horne has had a trying season at best down at Scranton. There was the biceps tear, and the recovery. Then, upon his return to Scranton Wilkes-Barre, he just never felt right. The Yankees sent him down to Tampa where he continued to get lit up.

Finally, Alan can rest easy, as he has some reasons for his "dead arm". He has rotator cuff damage.

Cue Bill Horne - Alan's father:
Alan met with Dr. James Andrews yesterday and after a complete hands-on exam and a review of MRI-X-Ray pictures he did a successful scope on Alan's shoulder. He said there was a partial tear of the rotator cuff that he cleaned up along with some fray, but was very specific that it was not considered a typical repair where you actually have to tie anything down. Also there was some fray along the labrum which he cleaned up saying that because nothing was considered a complete repair that Alan's recovery should go well. Dr. Andrews went on to say that the issues going on with Alan's shoulder this year would surely prohibit his arm from working the way it can and should, but that this will put him back on track. I would tell you that Alan was very up-beat with Dr. Andrews during this time and is very positive about his recovery. Thank all of you for your support.
on the recovery time:
Dr. Andrews said look for 4 months down and then start his throwing program--that may put him a little behind at the start of ST but then he went on to say he felt confident Alan would catch up. He went on to say you know everybody's body heals differently, he would re-evaluate Alan as time went along but he looked for it to be a good recovery and a full one. He didn't address velocity specifically, just that he expected a full recovery. Personally, I look for good things ahead.
I'd like to thank Bill for checking in at the forums, especially during these rough times. We here at NYYSI would like to wish Alan a speedy recovery and hope to see him in a Yankee uniform sometime in the future.

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