Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The dream still lives - for reasonably priced Yankee tickets in '09

Not so buried in the bevy of articles regarding the Mets top tier ticket price announcement were some more promising quotes from Lonn Trost (Yankees COO). Here is the juicy quote:

"Whatever works for them, I'm happy for them," Yankees chief operating officer Lonn Trost said. "We do what we think is appropriate. In order to have 47,000 affordable seats, we had to have 4,500 expensive seats."
C'mon Lonn - don't take the high road. You should pull a Hank quote about those fans paying less because they are paying for an inferior product! Anyway, the more quotes I read from Lonn saying this very thing, the more I realize that it will be very hard to back-track on their repeated promises to not raise ticket prices for the "cheap seats".

Here is some more info from that article, but this is probably old information and not based on anything Lonn said yesterday:
The Yankees have not announced prices for the seats near the outfield but say they will keep the lowest-priced reserved seats in the top deck at $20 and $25 and bleachers at $12. Trost said 25,000 seats will not have an increase and that a complete price list will be released this month.
Very reasonable.

Finally, here is some interesting info about the Mets "Upper Deck" ticket pricing for next year, and also about how they are handling season ticket sales:

Reserved seats in the upper deck at Citi Field, called the Promenade, will average $19.

Howard said the Mets have talked to about 3,000 season ticket holders about relocation and hope to speak with about 3,000 more by the end of next month. The Mets are requiring 10 percent deposits for next year.

10% seems fair. The Yankees will probably ask for it all. That would fall in line with their annual invoice that arrives two weeks before it is due. The idea is to give the people with seniority as little time as possible in order to push them out and not have to deal with their seating priorities.

So, Yankee ticket prices are due "this month". We'll see about that - they've been saying the same thing since the winter.

Go check out the AP article, it has some more interesting info about the Mets tiered ticket prices vs. The Yankees uniform pricing for weekday, weekend, premium, and other variations.

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