Saturday, August 9, 2008

Please, Mike, no more "aggressive" talk

Look, I have no problem with complimenting the best team in baseball. I don't at all. The Angels are really damn good. But if the Yankees playing the Angels 10 times this season means I have to hear Michael Kay tell me in thousands of different ways that the Angels aggressive play "always put pressure on you" and they "force you to make plays", I'm going to puke. All over Michael Kay actually.

It's not that I disagree with Michael Kay, I just think it's a little absurd to focus on. Yeah, sure, the Angels are aggressive on the base paths. It's very easy to do those things when (their) pitching staff rates in the top five in the AL in quality starts (1st), saves (1st), WHIP (4th), ERA (5th), BAA (5th) and OPS (5th).

The margin of error is much larger when you can get thrown out going first to third and will still remain very much so in the game, without worrying that your pitcher(Ian Kennedy?) will allow more baserunners than outs

The reason it annoys me? Because this is coming from the same doofus who credits Homer Bush and Clay Bellinger with being key parts of the Yankees championships. Even the most nostalgic dynasty lovers realize you could have slotted Ross or me into their roles, and we would have walked away with championship rings.

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