Saturday, August 16, 2008

Some other notes from my final game at the "Old Yankee Stadium"

The tone and length of the last post didn't allow for any of this stuff to sneak its way in. Here are some of the moments from last night's game that you will only read about here:

- A drunken guy yelling at bow-tie wearing cotton candy vendor "you're a filthy liar, bow-tie". It was as absurd as it sounds
- Multiple Richie Sexson sightings. He was cut from the team, but he was not yet cut from the "Match Game NY" between-inning filler, or the "Yankee Superstar" between-inning montage. You know the Yankees have fallen when Richie Sexson is in their "superstar" montage.
- An argument that Nick and I had with a guy in front of us who took exception to our yelling and screaming at Joe Girardi for intentionally walking both Aviles AND Guillen in one inning. The guy didn't understand how horrible of a decision it was to walk Guillen to load the bases for Billy Butler, even after considering that the same exact move had backfired on Girardi moments before after walking Aviles. His argument was that you can't get a double-play without creating the force. Our argument was that Andy Pettite had strike out stuff working last night and most of his outs were fly balls. Setting up the double play was useless. It worked out the second time, but that doesn't mean it was the right decision.
- A strange bathroom experience. Nick and I are in the bathroom, doing our thing, and some guy walks in, obviously displeased with the line that had formed for the urinals. He says loudly "what are we racing turtles in here? Hurry Up!" Yep, thats right. He referred to it as "racing turtles." Can't say I have heard that one before, but it was pretty hilarious. I sped my turtle to the finish line and headed out of there.
- The continuous scape-goating of Alex Rodriguez. He was booed all night, there were grumblings of his ineptitude in the "clutch" when reached base on the swinging bunt in the bottom of the 9th, and he was ripped by some idiots in the Subway on the way home. According to these ignorant fools, the Yankees never should have resigned A-Rod, they were bidding against themselves, and he only hits homeruns when the Yankees are up 7-1. I had already embarrassed my girlfriend enough for the evening with my intentional walk argument with the guy in front of me, so I spared her to mortification of another confrontation.

Its probably better off that I'm not going to any more games this year.

By the way - I was able to snag 4 tickets in the tier box, down the right field line in section 641, row F for $100. Face value on those tickets is $40 each for season ticket holders, so I saved quite a bit of money. Craigs List was the method, so don't give up hope if you want to make one last affordable trip to the Stadium. The seats were OK, but the right field corner is out of view. Row F in the tier box is somehow the last row which I never knew. Being in the last row isn't the best experience on a rainy night. The upper deck walkway is directly behind your head and you are constantly worrying about people splashing dirty water on your clothes or the back of your head.

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