Friday, July 25, 2008

Reason to stay optimistic that September 21 won't be the last game in Yankee Stadium history

We all know that the offense has underperformed for the majority of 2008, for various reasons (I'm looking at you, Robbie Cano, even with your recent hot streak, you are the owner of a 1.5 VORP and 85 OPS+). Even if the offense continues its torrid post All-Star break pace, the Yankees are going to become serious contenders because of their pitching. Take a peek at this comparison of the 2007 Yankees pitching staff as a whole (starting pitchers and bullpen) vs. the 2008 version:

- 2.34 K/BB
- 7th fewest walks handed out in all of baseball
- 1 0th most strikeouts in all of baseball.
- 11th in ERA

Very respectable

- 1.74 K/BB
- 25th fewest walks in baseball (bad)
- 24th most strikeouts in baseball (bad)
- 17th in ERA


Yankee pitching is way better in 2008 than it was in 2007. Pitching wins championships. By the way, even Baseball Prospectus gives the Yankees a 23% chance of making the playoffs (higher when adjusting to PECOTA) now. Before the All-Star break, that number was in single digits. Hopefully this analysis will cause final regular season game ticket prices to go down.

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