Monday, July 21, 2008

Derek Jeter is already getting the Bernie Williams treatment from the fans...

Another magic moment in the Bronx tonight:

The Yankees went into the bottom of the sixth inning with a comfortable 8-3 lead. Derek Jeter led off the inning and slapped a "Jeterian" homerun into the bleachers in right field.

After he finished his trip around the bases, the crowd broke into a "De-rek Je-ter" chant. For a solid minute. True story. He just hit a homerun that made the game 9-3 and the crowd was chanting his name, pleading for a curtain call, as if he had just had another Clutchy McClutch moment.

Lets pretend it was Alex Rodriguez who hit that homerun. I'm sure there would be accusatory grumbles throughout the Stadium about stat-padding.

Remember at the end of his career when the fans knew Bernie Williams was done? They (I) started chanting his name every time he did anything good, trying to honor him any way possible.

Sadly, Jeter is getting the Bernie Williams treatment already. Yankee fans have now taken to being nostalgic before a player's career is even close to being over. Weird breed of fan these Yankees draw nowadays.

I could spend 20 minutes of my life ripping the video of this incident, but I think everyone knows I'm not making this stuff up.

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