Sunday, July 13, 2008

David Cone is at it again - " Giambi is humpin' "

Any good Yankee fan will remember earlier this year when Ian Kennedy "got jerked off" in the bullpen (according to David Cone).

On today's YES broadcast, David Cone was reviewing a replay and said enthousiastically that Jason Giambi was "humpin" as he was trying to beat out (that sounds like something Cone would say) an infield single.

A bit sophomoric of us to point out? Absolutely. However, everyone should be reminded once again about David Cone's famous bullpen session back when he was a young player. This slip-up by Cone is more understandable than the Ian Kennedy one. It is clearly a Freudian slip, knowing about Giambi's penchant for wearing thongs, rocking the porn 'stache and "banging like a porn star".

Keep up the great work Coney, you continue to endear yourself to the 18-24 demographic worldwide.

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