Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Papelbon crying about his wife being mistreated at the All-Star parade - EXCLUSIVE - he was egging the fans on

Just came across this story on

Report: Papelbon says wife threatened at parade

I call shenanigans.

I spent some time at the parade during my lunch break yesterday, so I can vouch for the fact that there was plenty of banter between the players and the parade goers. The barricades were set up so the players could be very close to the fans, and there was little security in between. Unfortunately, I had to leave the parade before I got to yell obscenities boo Papsmear Papelbon. Sorry about that, my inner "typical Yankee fan" is trying to escape.

Anyway, a former colleague was at the parade when Pappy went by and he shared this story:
But by far the funniest thing I saw was when Papplebon [sic] passed by. He was being booed pretty heavily but the Sox fan next to me yelled out "SHOW US THE RING". In typical Papplebon asshole-ish fashion, he calmly and smoothly brushed the ring against his suit several times to wipe it clean and then pointed it right at us. The fans were not too happy. But that shit was funny as hell.
So, what I am trying to get at here is that Papelbon PROBABLY wasn't innocent in any fan abuse he or his preggers wife received. He made the comments about Mo the day before, he was flashing his ring in a cocky way, he asked for any verbal abuse he received. This may be a controversial stance, but I think everyone needs to think about the things Papelbon has been saying and doing lately before indicting the New York Yankees fan base.

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Mark McCray said...

Hey, it's Mark from The Bronx Stop.

I have no idea why your link wasn't included on my Blog roll, but it is now.

I think it just got lost in the switch from a normal blog roll to a feed blog roll.

ps. Papelbon is a cry baby punk.

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