Thursday, July 31, 2008

Millar calls Edwar cute; NYYSI reluctantly agrees

Ever the idiot, Kevin Millar (above, in simpler times with his fellow long-hair idiot brethren Johnny Damon) had this to say about Edwar Ramirez throwing the ball at his 5 feet over his head yesterday afternoon:
"One hundred percent," Millar said when asked if he thought the pitch was intentional. "I was upset they threw him out of the game because he's really good hitting. He's a cute little fella, he didn't throw that hard and he doesn't have very good stuff. So it's probably a good idea they threw him out, because it probably would've been in Monument Park."
"There just needs to be a thing about how to throw at a guy, that's all. Stay in the waist-below, it's part of baseball. You don't want to mess with anybody's career," Millar said. "He doesn't throw that hard, so it wouldn't have hurt, but I wouldn't have minded facing him."
"If they can't throw in," Millar said, "then throw down, that's all it is. It's not a big deal. Ramirez tries his little heart out, but I love facing him. He doesn't have many out pitches. [He is] fortunate he's in the big leagues.
Millar is apparently keen on keeping his idiot image in tact, since he is 1-4 in his career against Edwar with 3 Ks. For some reason, major league hitters get offended when they are struck out on changeups. Must be some sort of machismo thing.

It was a bit strange hearing Millar call another dude cute, but after acquiring this rare photograph, NYYSI has to agree:

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