Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blogger throwdown at Finnerty's tomorrow night hosted by

Sadly, NYYStadiumInsider will not be represented (holiday plans), but Michael (Mike?) over at wanted me to let the 12 people who read this site know that there will be some sort of blog-fest at Finnerty's on Thursday evening. I'm sure there will be relatively cheap beers and relatively few ladies.

Michael, the blogger inspired by this guy has told me that the original Matsui Fan is being interviewed by a member of the Japanese press (the equivalent of Good Morning America in Japan?!) and he will be there for the festivities. That alone is worth the price of admission (which I believe is free, since I doubt an Irish Pub will be charging a cover on a Thursday night).

Anyway, Michael has informed me that he will be there around 5:30 and Doug (the original Matsui Fan ) will be interviewed between 6 and 7. I always thought that guy was pretty funny (and a bit creepy), but I figured Japanese people would be offended by his cartoon-like characterization of a Japanese Yankee fan. Apparently not? Perhaps we will finally get some answers in what is bound to be hard-hitting interview.

In any case check out MatsuiFan for more info and for some Yankee commentary with a good bit of humor peppered throughout.

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