Saturday, July 12, 2008

MYTH - The Yankees have used too many lineups this season

In his incessant, no-so-subtle Joe Girardi-bashing way, enemy of the state Peter Abraham has kindly pointed out that the Yankees are using their 71st lineup in their 94th game today.

Lets take a look around baseball, shall we?

Team Lineups
Diamondbacks 81
Nationals 79
Rangers 79
Giants 77
Tigers 77
Rockies 76
Royals 76
Blue Jays 75
Dodgers 75
Red Sox 73
Athletics 72
Indians 71
Orioles 71
Yankees 71
Rays 68
Reds 68
Mariners 67
Pirates 65
Marlins 64
Mets 64
Padres 64
Cubs 63
Twins 63
Astros 60
White Sox 58
Braves 56
Brewers 51
Phillies 48

There we have it, the Yankees have used the most lineups in baseball by far the Yankees are right around the 50th percentile in lineups used, 16th out of 30 teams, the definition of average.

Keep up your terrible analyzing, Peter, you're making us all proud.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Technically, it's a tie for 14th.

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