Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ask NYYSI: Advice on buying tickets to the final games in the "old" Yankee Stadium

I can't even count the number of emails that I have received lately seeking advice before buying tickets to one of the remaining 23 games in the history of the "old" Yankee Stadium.

My answer is that with so few games left in the current Stadium, people are starting to take notice and are cramming in one final trip to the Stadium. A few days ago, I vented my frustrations about this phenomenon.

That being said, there are three main options that I would recommend:

1) The tickets section of New York's Craigs List - This used to be my go-to option, but lately, the well has dried up. In addition, more and more ticket brokers are disguising themselves as regular people trying to dump their tickets. You really have to be on top of things and consistently check the site in hopes of finding a generous soul who legitimately wants to get rid of his tickets for face value. Sadly, those people are few and far between nowadays. You can also put up a "wanted" ad on Craigs List in hopes that someone will respond favorably. Be warned that you will probably get plenty of responses from ticket brokers. The market on Craigs List really heats up the day before and the day of the game, so if you can hold out as long as possible, you might be able to score a really hot deal. However, with Yankee Stadium in its final days, I wouldn't bet on that.

2) - Prices are through the roof. However, there are always some Stubhub Fan Codes floating around that can save you some money. Here are a couple of $10 off codes that I believe are still valid (please don't write in if these don't work, I don't know of any others):


Otherwise, you can wait it out with Stubhub until the last day just like with Craigs List. They have a ticket pickup center directly across from Yankee Stadium, so you can buy tickets up to minutes before game time. Sometimes you can snag a better deal that way.

3) ( - For just about every game this year, I have seen tickets available on the day of game via The catch here is that the tickets are usually the Field Championship boxes and retail for $450 each (plus ticket fees). However, if you really want to catch a game and want to have the best seats you will ever get, this is a great option without paying similar prices from resellers seats that are way worse. In addition, the Yankees occasionally release seats in other parts of the stadium as well. Keep a close eye on the ticketmaster page for the game you are looking to go to and do searches in different areas of the stadium. Perhaps you will get lucky.

The absolute last resort would be to purchase tickets from a scalper outside of the Stadium. Those guys are shady and always use intimidation as a tactic to get you to pay more than you are comfortable paying. In addition, you are putting yourself at the greatest risk to get fake tickets. There is nothing governing these guys, and with so few games left in the "historic" Yankee Stadium, I wouldn't be surprised to see a huge increase in counterfeit tickets.

Hopefully this is helpful in some way, even if most of it is bad news. Good luck, and enjoy the games if you are able to snag tickets within your budget.

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Anonymous said...

I bought tickets in M23 Row 1. For the yankees boston game on the 27th. I have no clue where these seats are in the stadium. Will they be good seats? Or should I sell them and try to do better.

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