Friday, June 26, 2009

UPDATED: Yankees vs. Mets Subway Series Weather: Friday 6/26 Game - Tarp Off Of The Field, Game Set To Start By 8:15 PM

UPDATE: (7:41 PM) According to Brandon Tierney of 1050 ESPN Radio in New York, the tarp is off the field, and the game will start in a half hour (approximately 8:10 PM):
tarp's off, 30 minutes before we rock n roll...Yanks, 2 of 3.
Meanwhile, Peter Abraham is reporting a start time of 8 PM

UPDATE: (7:14 PM) Another update from Steve, even more encouraging for tonight's game (maybe an earlier start than 8:30?):
Rain starting to end over Bergen County. The worst of the heavy rain is over for Queens County and Citi Field.
UPDATE: (7:09 PM) This via Steve's Twitter account:
For those at Citi, rain is rapidly ending over northern NJ and the Hudson Valley, and will eventually end over Queens in 45 to 60 minutes.
So, we'd expect a start time of around 8:30, if we had to guess.

UPDATE: (6:49 PM): This via Steve, from his great severe weather tracking post at
Encouraging news for the Mets/Yankees game is that the thunderstorms are weakening and the rain should exit in an hour.
Luckily, we have the pleasure of being out of town in Arizona and laying poolside in the Valley of the Sun. Unfortunately, tonight's Subway Series game is being played back home in the new-age Seattle - New York City. We don't typically provide weather updates for Yankees road games, but since this one is being played in rainy NYC we have Steve from ready with an unfortunate update:
The game for tonight is certainly in trouble. Strong to severe thunderstorms will move through Queens, New York from 5 PM through 8 PM, which will cause very heavy downpours, strong wind gusts, large hail, and frequent lightning. The threat for showers and thunderstorms will begin to decrease after 8 PM with much drier conditions for the rest of the weekend. Winds will veer from the southwest to west around 10 to 20 mph. Temperatures will fall from the mid 80's to mid 70's through the evening. There is a significant risk for a delay or postponement of this game. However, the rest of the weekend is looking considerably drier with less of a risk of showers and thunderstorms.
This is exactly what the Yankees DON'T need, with CC Sabathia and his tender biceps/ tendinitis set to pitch tonight.

So here we are - more rain set to affect a baseball game in New York City. Color us unsurprised and happy to be in Arizona, even with the 105 degree heat.





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