Monday, June 1, 2009

The "Freedom Fries" Concept Makes a Triumphant Return At The New Yankee Stadium

(photo courtesy of "Jeffrey NYC" on Twitter)

We're really slipping, not being the first to notice this and must give all of the credit to Jeffrey NYC on Twitter. Go and follow him if you are a Yankees fan looking for a good person to banter about the Yankees with.

Pictured above is the confusing Johnny Rockets menu at the new Yankee Stadium. The [completely average] fries are under a category labeled "French Fries," but as individual items are listed as "American Fries." As Jeffrey asked on TwitPic, "are the fries French or American? Someone please explain." We'll get back to you on that one.

We sincerely hope this is a play on the "All-American" theme of Johnny Rockets, and that we aren't reverting back to the post 9/11 days featuring "freedom fries." Unfortunately, "Gleemonex" over at "Damn Kids Get Off My Lawn" fears otherwise:
Know what's fucking ridiculous? The fact that the new Yankee Stadium vends not only appletinis, but also an item called "American Fries." It gets a little harder to defend you fuckers with every "American fry" you sell, and every Fatass American La-Z-Boy Padded Heated X-Tra-Wide field-level seat bought by corporate assholes as perks several years ago that now goes unfilled, silencing the crowd and making you look like a forgotten midmarket team that hasn't had an over-.500 season in about 37 goddamn years.
There might be a bit of anti-Yankees, anti-NY bias sprinkled in over at "Damn Kids Get Off My Lawn," but tend to agree with their sentiments if the "American Fries" are anything other than part of Johnny Rockets' company gimmick.

Until we know for sure, we'll only give our business to the garlic fries stands, as a form of protest (or perhaps because they are way better than the Johnny Rockets fries).
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